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Legal Service Scope

  • Litigation : Legal services in the Public Court, the State Administration Court, the Court of Commerce, the Industrial Relation Court, the Court of Human Rights, the Court of Religion, including legal assistances at the Police and the Attorney General
  • Banking : legal service in all banking transaction including credit facility, syndication, restructuring, finalize bad debt, represent Bank in resolving all legal cases i.e civil and/or criminal in or out of Court.
  • Corporate Litigation : Legal service in all corporate business and trading related activities including business merger, acquisition, liquidation, restructuring, In vestment, Accounting transaction and Finance institution, commercial contracts, trading documents. We also provide legal service to resolve any corporate cases.
  • Infrastructure : Legal service to tender participant and represent project leader in drafting contracts and tender documents. Legal services provided including review of legal procedure and legal condition in attending tender process, accompany and represent client in pre bidding process and also negotiate related contracts.
  • Capital Market : Legal service in preparation to go public, representing client in resolving disputes rise in capital market.
  • Intellectual property right : Legal service in patent disputes, trademark, copy-right, private trading and industry design including license and franchise.
  • Land : Legal service in land disputes
  • Labor : Legal service to company and employee in every manpower cases.
  • Commercial Criminal Litigation : Legal service related to commercial criminal lawsuit and other certain criminal lawsuit.
  • Personal : Legal service to personal client in family law (marriage, divorce and asset settlement).


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