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Legal Services Practices

  • Legal Problem Solving; we perform various business legal problem analysis, provide legal opinion and advice and offer assistance in resolving problems including without limitation the alternatives such as:

  • Litigation : provide advices and act representing a Client in the settlement of various legal problems in the field of Commercial Litigation, including disputes in the field of Patent and Brand / Trademark Copyrights, Consumer Disputes, Business Competition in the instance of Komisi Pengawas Persaingan Usaha / KPPU (The Supervisor Commission for Business Competition). In the solvency / Bankruptcy field, we have experiences in representing the Creditors interest, among others in the case of PT. Mustika Niaga Tama ; PT. Davomas Abadi, Tbk ; PT. Putra Surya Perkasa, Tbk; PT. Tirtamas Comexindo, Tbk ; etc.
  • Amicable Settlement : assist resolve legal problems in mutually amicable manner out of court, as mediator, negotiator, reconciliatory through commercial approach based on valid legal procedures and principles.
  • Arbitration : assist or represent client in arbitration process as arbitrator or as counselors/companion.
  • Legal Engineering and Restructuring; assist client in creating and implementing business and trading restructuring to rebuild or to expand client’s business in such way that is fully manageable and in compliance to legal code of conduct.
  • Legal counseling; provide legal counseling to client in in-house lawyer.
  • Legal Drafting; drafting business contract and other legal documents including legal review of legal documents
  • Legal Opinion and Legal Advice; give legal opinion and advice on all legal problems.
  • Legal Audit/Due Diligence; perform legal audit for purposes such credit facility, company restructuring, go public etc.

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